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Satellite Communication

Satellite Communication

The advantages of satellite communications should be considered by every large national or international organisation when considering its telecommunications strategy. Satellite communications are available anywhere, without borders, and little or no local infrastructure is needed. It is compatible with all IT technologies, voice and video applications and it is flexible and mobile. It provides reliable and secured connections, it is fast and easy to install and the costs are calculable.

We connect everything everywhere!

Our experience

Our experience is based very largely on that of our parent company, Telespazio SpA, a leading global player in the domain of professional satellite communications. We complement this with local experts, who speak the language of our clients in all meanings of the words.

Our offering

Our offering can be viewed in the following five categories.

Primary satellite solutions - Telespazio delivers reliable and secured (encrypted) Data- and Voice services to every point of the globe for calculable costs. This includes: VPN/Internet, Voice (IP, ISDN, GSM), Video/TV, dedicated and protected (closed) networks for Armed Forces, Governmental Organisations and Enterprises of all sizes.

Backup satellite solutions - Telespazio delivers ubiquitous access continuity services over satellite. Satellite technology is the only true secondary path for communication backup. It can extend any primary terrestrial connection (e.g. MPLS/DSL) and/or replace any terrestrial backup (e.g. ISDN) in place. Network availability can achieve up to 99.9x% with both technologies in place. The prices for a backup over satellite can be compared with ISDN costs today.

Mobile satellite solutions – Telespazio offers the best auto-deploy solution in the market for use with any application/service desired. It can be deployed (online) within 3 minutes and the costs are fixed and calculable. Another mobile solution is the BGAN Broadband Global Area Network. This is easy to install, flexible and allows dedicated solutions (pop). BGAN offers a true global coverage.

Maritime satellite solutions – Telespazio offers broadband internet access for container vessels, providing global satellite connection through Intelsat‘s AOR, IOR, POR footprints.

TV services – Through the facilities and satellite capacity of Telespazio SpA, we offer five digital platforms for television, radio and data services.

Our market

Our clients are, generally speaking, national and international organisations based in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia with a strong requirement for reliable and secure (inter-)national telecommunications services. We work for commercial, institutional (public) and military clients.


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Senior Sales Consultant Network & Connectivity

Tel: +49 (0)6151 8257-194


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