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​The civil aviation market is facing a number of challenges in its further development world-wide. The way air traffic is handled today needs major changes to meet the growing demand and increase its robustness. Performance targets for capacity, environmental impact and costs have been defined and programmes put in place at European and national levels for developing and implementing not only new technology, which for example is based on satellite navigation, but also new operational procedures and business structures. This will lead to fundamental changes of Aviation Systems as well as human roles and responsibilities.

What we do

From our offices in Darmstadt, close to Frankfurt airport, Telespazio VEGA Deutschland has built relationships with several of the most important German stakeholders in the aviation market. We participate in national and European initiatives which address the technology, as well as the architectural and conceptual developments which will drive the changes in the market. Telespazio VEGA provides a comprehensive range of services for designing, developing, validating and certifying Air Traffic Management systems and applications as well as simulation and training solutions for the upcoming challenges through the whole Aviation Systems domain.

Our experience

Telespazio VEGA's experience of large system modelling and simulation, as well as verification and validation, gained through participation in complex programmes such as the European Satellite Navigation Programme Galileo, is fundamental to the support we provide. Our deep knowledge of satellite navigation and other space-based technologies is a further asset of our contribution.


No matter how much automation is introduced into aviation, the human factor will continue to play a key role and Telespazio VEGA’s experience in the development of complex training programmes and training systems for the space and military aviation markets will help us to ensure that staff are capable of performing their role in a changing world.
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