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Why join Telespazio VEGA?

Why join Telespazio VEGA?

​The aerospace industry provides exciting professional environments with the opportunity to be closely involved in the discoveries of tomorrow. Telespazio VEGA Deutschland is prominent in the significant European civil and military aerospace Software, Engineering & Service projects. 


As a physicist with more than ten years’ experience, I have gained a detailed knowledge of scientific algorithms and I have worked in close cooperation with international organisations and scientists. Currently, I am holding the position of a Consultant and System Engineer in the Maintenance and Engineering Division at an operations center in Darmstadt. My duties here are focussed on the software maintenance and on support of on-going system operations. My activities and responsibilities include configuration management and installation of software releases, anomalies processing, design and development of the ground segment's evolution, maintenance of the relevant documentation and the set of procedures for the engineering and maintenance activities. The ground segment I am working on with the client colleagues is planned to become operational in 2014 and it is exciting to be part of this process. The range of activities within Telespazio VEGA cover almost all aspects I am interested in and provide to me a wide field of opportunities to bring in my capabilities and experience. The internationality of the Telespazio VEGA projects is both demanding and very interesting. It helps me to develop in my job and as a person.

- Giusy Sinatra​


More than ten years ago I started my career in Computational Intelligence research, then continued in the rapidly evolving system-level design of embedded systems for automotive and mobile devices. In Telespazio VEGA, I have applied my experience with design approaches for these microscopic but complex systems to macroscopic and also quite complex aviation systems, focusing on validation and performance analysis methodology for Air Traffic Management research projects. Today, I am head of the Aviation & Navigation department and responsible for establishing a new team seizing project opportunities around the introduction of new GNSS-based procedures and systems in aviation. What I like particularly about my colleagues in Telespazio VEGA is their international background, their pragmatic approach and their diverse skills from various markets.

- Andreas Kanstein​

I joined Telespazio VEGA in 2005 and have worked in the Bid Management function since then. Now, I am the Head of Bid Management in Germany and I really enjoy working at Telespazio VEGA. I have the chance to work in a busy, challenging, interesting, international and multicultural environment where I can use my culturally diverse background and my foreign language and communication skills. It is great to work and communicate with people and partners from different cultures.
- Hermine Ghazaryan
My career reaches back to now more than 20 years of experience in training administration, training delivery and the application of quality control measures. These standards are needed to train astronauts for human spaceflight missions and to support instructors in the development and implementation of human spaceflight crew training. As the Head of Training Administration within Telespazio VEGA Deutschland I am responsible for the client liaison and the local management of my team that consists also of people from our client. I like working for Telespazio VEGA because even though at a client site I am still made to feel part of the bigger team due to the company's open door management style and regular site visits by our senior management.
- Martyn Cockram​

 I joined Telespazio VEGA directly after finishing my degree in computer science. In the past ten years, I was strongly involved in simulation-based training systems. Through many projects, I have gained experience and provided a major contribution to the state-of-the-art technology which is used today at Telespazio VEGA for the development of flight simulators. Today, I am a project manager for the development of a virtual maintenance trainer, working together with multinational teams on this pioneering technology for training. I like the challenge of both technical and management skills while focussing on the big picture of the final product. Knowing, the training systems will finally be used for training of pilots and aircraft engineers spends the right amount of motivation.

- Bernd Höhner​

I started my professional career directly after university at Telespazio VEGA in 2008 and joined as an operations engineer at the client site in Cologne. My theoretical know-how from studies in Aerospace Engineering, Mechatronics and a PhD (theoretical design and development of spacecraft tractories and missions) were the right preparation for my job at Telespazio VEGA. As a technical manager, I am in charge of the technical reliability and risks associated with operations and system implementations in interplanetary satellite missions, e.g. the planning of a cometary landing. I enjoy working for Telespazio VEGA because challenging positions are offered and Telespazio VEGA combines the advantages of a large company with the personality of small company.

- Koen Geurts​


After having obtained my First Class Honors degree in Physics with Astrophysics at the University in Manchester, I initially decided to take some “time out” and decided to travel around the world for a few months. Upon my return I joined Telespazio VEGA as a spacecraft operations engineer in Darmstadt. After two years of operations preparation I experienced an exhilarating launch of a weather satellite, followed by the LEOP (low-Earth orbit) and commissioning phases in the first months after launch, performing switch-on and calibration for the first time. After four years in Germany the opportunity to change teams and move to a client site in the Netherlands became available. There I was given responsibility to help organise the commissioning phase for a telescope satellite, interacting with a wide range of people from the local project team who designed the spacecraft, the industrial partners who built the spacecraft, and the flight operations team in Darmstadt who would control the spacecraft after launch. This was a very exciting, challenging, demanding and rewarding year! Following this I returned to Darmstadt, and have worked on two more missions and project teams so far.  Currently, I am in charge of the procedure production and ground segment testing for a satellite scheduled to launch in 2013. In the almost 9 years I have spent with Telespazio VEGA I have experienced a wide range of working environments and cultures, working and travelling to different countries with colleagues from all over the world. The major highlights involve being part of several missions during the launch and early operations phases, having had the pleasure to participate in these extremely challenging but exciting and rewarding times as part of a highly trained, motivated and friendly international team.


- Peter Collins​


I love working for Telespazio VEGA because my job is diversified and challenging. Both client/server with troubleshooting on OS and application level as well as IP networking on a global scale are part of it. With my master in computer science it is the ideal place to put that to work in a team of highly motivated specialists while working on one of the most interesting topics in the space industry, a European navigation project. Working in an international environment is an additional treat. The diversification induced by the different cultures produces a highly creative atmosphere. It's a lot of fun to work in such a place.
- Stefan Maly

My career in space started already in 1987 when I moved to Germany to work on Mission Control Systems as a software engineer on the development of the original Spacecraft Control and Operation System (SCOS). I worked on various missions before I joined Telespazio VEGA at a different client site in Darmstadt. Today, I am an Overall Ground Segment Engineer and am responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the ground segment of a weather/climate satellite. My work requires good knowledge of the complete ground segment, although my da-to-day focus includes also the mission control system (MCS). I am also one of the system coordinators for the rehearsal and simulations campaigns for the follow-on system of the current spacecraft. I like working for Telespazio VEGA because they have enabled me to do a job I really enjoy in a multicultural international environment ... and they have good parties!

- Matt Ahier


I have been with Telespazio Deutschland for almost five years. I come from India and this is my first job. It’s been a great journey. I work at a German client site and my job includes collaborating with user support centres all over Europe for science execution in a human spaceflight mission, assisting astronauts on operations and mission planning. Even though I work most of the time at a client site, Telespazio VEGA has always been there for me and given opportunities to attend conferences and training courses. I feel driven to make a small contribution, and to make a difference. I also relish the togetherness at the frequent company events. This company has an eclectic mix of people, culture and values and is a great company to work for.
- Prashant Shukla

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