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Changed deployment conditions for the armed forces are also changing the requirements for training, deployment support and the territorial forces support significantly. In those areas shorter lead times and reaction times as well as high geographical and time flexibility are necessary. Networked operations command, joint and combined operations as well as the use of complex technologies increase requirements further.

What we do

Telespazio VEGA Deutschland offers a wide range of computer-based training solutions, as well as training requirement analysis and training measurement concepts. On the one hand, our training solutions contain simulation components to a great degree to make the training as realistic as possible. On the other, they are based on commonly available hardware and use available data networks, so they can be used independently of geography and time. This technology is suitable for distance learning as well as supporting tele-maintenance.

Our experience

Telespazio VEGA has built up experience with several military training instruments over the past 15 years. As a result, Telespazio VEGA understands the technologies applied, as well as the methodical requirements for military training, specifically for aircrafts of different categories.


Based on 30 years' experience in supporting space missions, Telespazio VEGA has all the necessary capabilities for planning, developing and implementing complex IT projects. This applies particularly to the area of satellite-supported earth observation and communication.
Telespazio VEGA offers vast expertise and great experience in all areas of ground segments for satellite missions. This includes bespoke system design, system integration and validation and operation planning, as well as payload processing. This knowledge supports the configuration of new powerful satellite-supported communication and surveillance systems
Read more about our experience with training systems applied for initial, conversion, and refresher training for pilots, operators and maintenance technicians.

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