My name is Annabell, I am working as a Senior Software Engineer at the Telespazio VEGA headquarters in Darmstadt. I am currently leading the software validation team in the European Ground Systems Common Core project, in which the next generation of the European infrastructure for monitoring and control of space systems is being developed. As part of the integration and validation team, I ensure that the different software modules, developed by an international consortium, work as expected and specified, after being integrated into a common infrastructure.

What is the history behind your job at Telespazio VEGA (Which decisions, interests or events led you to the position you are in today)?

Immediately after my studies in computational visualistics I applied as a software engineer at Telespazio VEGA. Although the job offer did not include anything specifically related to my study topics, such as computer graphics or image processing, I was fascinated by the prospect of working in the space industry. My bookshelf still houses books on space and planets from my early ages followed by science-fiction books. Before joining Telespazio VEGA I was only reading about these topics, today I am working on them.

What does a typical workday for you look like?

In the morning I check my emails, any updates on tickets I was previously working on and on the work my colleagues are doing. While ensuring that there are no blocking issues for the team, I implement software features or perform tests and report found problems in our issue tracker JIRA. During the day I check my code changes into our code versioning system Git so that they get picked up by the nightly builds which enables me to analyse the results the next morning.

What do you like about your job? What makes it so unique for you?

I enjoy working with the like-minded people I find at Telespazio VEGA as well as in and with international teams with their unique challenges arising from the space industry's needs and requirements.

What has been your highlight so far?

I am very glad to have been given the opportunity to attend and speak at ESA conferences, particularly at the 6th European Ground System Architecture Workshop at ESOC. The room filled with people sitting and standing to watch my presentation and asking questions gave me the feeling of genuine appreciation of the work I am doing at Telespazio VEGA.

What do you perceive as a strength of Telespazio VEGA?

Since starting my career seven years ago at Telespazio VEGA, I have been working on many different kinds of projects covering the whole software lifecycle. This project-based environment at Telespazio VEGA allows me to broaden my horizon and to work on different topics that challenge me both from the technical and the non-technical point of view.

With which three keywords would you describe Telespazio VEGA?

International - challenging - open

What would you recommend to future Telespazio VEGA applicants? Which advice would you have for them?

Be yourself and show your passion for and excellence in the work you have been doing so far and for the challenges that await you here at Telespazio VEGA.

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