I am a 36-year old meteorologist and family father, who always had an interest in science, IT and aerospace. Here at Telespazio VEGA I am not only working as an atmospheric remote sensing scientist on future European space missions but also acting as Telespazio VEGA’s Head of the Operations & Engineering Darmstadt division at our client site at EUMETSAT.

So what do I do here at Telespazio VEGA?

I am coding a reference processor. You think this is boring? Well... let me explain: thunderstorms are amongst the most dangerous, if beautiful and thrilling, events in our daily weather. Lightning, thunder, strong gusts, hail, heavy rain and sometimes even tornadoes can be part of a proper strong thunderstorm forming a threat last but not least to all people here on the ground in Europe but also to aviation or even the fishermen on Lake Victoria in Africa. Okay, but a "reference processor"? Well, you need to know, that "my reference processor" is not only simulating 1/3 of the Earth's atmosphere, with thunderstorms, lightning, clouds and Earth's surface but also simulating the future space born Lightning Imager, which will detect lightning pulses every 0.001 seconds on again 1/3 of the Earth at least until 2049. Having studied meteorology... this is way beyond the weather news announcer on TV, isn't it? This instrument, supported by tests, checks and further filter developments with "my reference processor" will hopefully support weather forecasts, climatologists, aviation and help to warn people living in remote areas such as Lake Victoria or central Africa.

What is the history behind your job at Telespazio VEGA (Which decisions, interests or events led you to the position you are in today)?

Just a bit more than 3 years ago, I decided to leave pure science and join the "operational" side of meteorology. Why? I was working in a very hierarchical institution, where young researchers and scientists with new ideas had kind of no freedom to really develop those ideas. Therefore, I decided to take a closer look at job possibilities in my professional area and met some colleagues from Telespazio VEGA at an international conference. After a couple of chats and a coffee or two, I was definitely convinced, that Telespazio VEGA is a company I would like to work for. After a few nice emails and chats with HR, a nice interview with the former Head of Division and a tough interview with our customer here in Darmstadt, the idea of working for Telespazio VEGA became a reality.

What does a typical workday for you look like?

It is about science, about coding, about management, about good colleagues, discussions and a very ambitious customer. Overall it is a mixture of everything and not so much a “typical workday".

What do you like about your job? What makes it so unique for you?

Team spirit. This is something I have often missed in the past. I found it now throughout the whole company without any boundary. People are really forming one team, have open doors and you will get all the support you ask. This is what I LOVE about my job, together with the variety of tasks is what makes working for Telespazio VEGA so unique.

What has been your highlight so far?

There were three highlights within my time working here in Darmstadt:

  1. Becoming the Head of Division for our key personnel at our customer’s site;
  2. Being an active member of the internal communication committee at Telespazio VEGA;
  3. After working in a science and support division at a customer site, I was asked to apply for another position to support the engineering in the project's department.

What do you perceive as a strength of Telespazio VEGA?

As mentioned above: Team spirit and variety, this is the strength of variety. Not only being a scientist, but also working as a coder, as an engineer, as a Head of Division and as a consultant for communication)... Well people think of me as "just" a meteorologist... ...and there are always opportunities to grow here at Telespazio VEGA.

With which three keywords would you describe Telespazio VEGA?

Future-oriented - open-door - team-oriented

What would you recommend to future Telespazio VEGA applicants? Which advice would you have for them?

Just be yourself and try to be aware of all the different opportunities Telespazio VEGA can offer. Try to think where you want to be in a few years and trust me, it will become reality!

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