Drone Detection: A Solution for today’s security threats

We provide institutional as well as commercial clients with DIDIT, a system for automatic detection and tracking of small drones, allowing them to act on the evolving challenges.

DIDIT supports our clients in protecting public safety and industry confidential information. The system raises an alarm when it detects a drone intrusion on your property. It provides the position of the drone and its pilot, enabling you to intervene to stop the intruder. Using an intelligent mix of sensors, DIDIT is capable of detecting many different drone types in various weather conditions. This way, DIDIT ensures that your people and assets are kept secure.

The Technology we use

The DIDIT product consists of a commercial off-the-shelf sensors and servers and features a stereo-optical detection and tracking, and an RF detection and tracking approach. The whole system is highly scalable in order to support different detection areas. Technologies used are, for example, deep learning for identifying the drone. The system allows localisation of the pilot, as well as the exact tracking of the drone path.


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Institutions & Defence: Dr. Martin Frühauf
Civil & Commercial: Peter Braun


Tel: +49 (0)6151 8257-718 or -226

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